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We’ve curated this list of fun dates ideas to make your Valentine’s day an extra special one! If you have a favorite idea, comment it below!

Escape Rooms. Looking for a unique date night activity? How about an exciting experience at Big Escape Rooms! You and your special someone will have to work together to solve clues, decode ciphers, complete puzzles, and more to escape in time! We have several interesting themed rooms to choose from. Perhaps you and your date could save the world from the zombie apocalypse with the help of Dr. Johnson! Or maybe you both could visit Boris’s Circus Wonderland, where you’ll be doomed to become a part of the circus troupe unless you escape in time! Whatever you decide, you’ll surely come out as a stronger couple and have fun memories to look back on for years to come! Reservations are recommended, so book your escape experience today!

Eat around the world. Pick a country or region and plan the entire evening around that theme. For a Cuban date night, put on some Spanish music, make a couple of Cuba Libres (cola, rum, and lime) to sip on while you prepare a traditional Cuban dish, like arroz con pollo. End the night outside with Cuban cigars and Cuban coffee. Learning new things together is a great way to bond, and you might just end up with a new favorite weekly dinner. If you enjoy theme night, take it to the next level by trying out a new country or region every week. It’ll keep your cooking skills sharp and your relationship spicy.

Recreate your third date. One of Nicole’s favorite at-home date night ideas is what she calls the “third date” dinner. She suggests pretending like it’s your third date and one of you has invited the other over to cook dinner for the first time. One person prepares the impressive meal at home while the other goes out and gets flowers, wine, or a gift that they would bring over on a third date. “Really get into the role play here and pretend your connection is just starting out, because if you do, you may just feel those butterfly feelings again,” says Nicole. Prepare dueling desserts. Nothing keeps a relationship fresh and exciting like a little friendly competition. Turn your kitchen into a Food Network set and challenge each other to make the best dessert. To make it even more interesting, have each partner surprise the other with a last-minute ingredient that must make it on the plate in some form of fashion. At the end of the night, you’ll end up with two (hopefully) delicious desserts, which makes you both winners.

Show off your art skills. Grab some paint brushes and canvases and project a famous landscape or still life-image onto your TV. Both spouses try their hand at recreating the image on their own canvas. It’s more fun if the couple faces each other so their masterpieces are hidden until the big reveal at the end. Friendly trash talking is definitely encouraged.

Outdoor Date Night Ideas

Rent a motorcycle or fast car. Borrow a new set of wheels for the day and get out of town. Rent a motorcycle or convertible car and let all your cares blow away in the wind. Pack a lunch and enjoy a meal with a view, or even on the hood of the car. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go together.

Go camping. Pack a tent and a sleeping bag and go camping. As a couple, you’ll have to work together to prepare for the trip, packing all the necessary food and camping accessories you might need. Once you get there, you’ll depend on each other to make camp, build a fire, and clean up in order to avoid a visit from curious woodland creatures. Make it a point to stargaze at night and get up early to watch the sunrise in the morning. The entire experience will bring you closer together, knowing that you can depend on each other, and there’s no one you’d rather be alone in the woods with.

Face your fears together. This date night is almost guaranteed to bring a couple closer together. Do something that one or both of you are afraid of and overcome your fears together as a team. The mix of emotions paired with the success you feel after facing your fears will help strengthen your bond. “If one partner is facing their fears on the date and the other is there to comfort them, it’s going to create feelings of safety and support, which draw a couple closer,” says Nicole. “If both are afraid, it’s going to feel like a fun adventure.”

Thanks for reading our list of fun date ideas! Hope to see you soon at Big Escape Rooms!

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