Birmingham, AL, Winter Bucket List for 2022

 In Birmingham

As we know, it’s 2022, the beginning of a new year. However, half of the winter season has passed us. If you haven’t already fulfilled your winter season yet. Let me give you a few ideas on how to get started!

Have a Blast at an Escape Room

Come inside and stay warm with us as you venture through an escape room. We have plenty of options that you can enjoy! You might have to cure the world of a deadly virus or try to survive a killer clown. Whichever you choose, will have you filled with excitement as you only have an hour to spare.

For more information, click here : https://www.bigescaperooms.com/birmingham/

Enjoy a Hot Cup of Cocoa

Drinking hot drinks is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Hot Cocoa especially is something I can enjoy any time of the year. You can enjoy it in the comfort of your home or go for a walk in the park. For my non-dairy drinkers, you can stick with honey tea or a steaming cup of coffee.

For recipes for winter drinks, click here: https://celebratingsweets.com/homemade-hot-chocolate/

A Walk in the Park

If you want to be active for the new year, you can simply take a walk around the park. During the winter months, parks are less crowded, so you can enjoy the peace while looking at the beautiful scenery. If you are lucky where you live in a place of snow, you can get a chance to build a snowman.

Go see a Ballet!

If you love the beauty of classical music and dance, I suggest you to go see a ballet. For a winter show, you see the Nutcracker. It has all the winter vibes. Whether it’s just on a small local stage or a big city production, this story is perfect to escape the winter blues. This dreamy performance would make you forget the cold temps of winter.

Knit a Scarf or Hat!

For anyone looking to start a new hobby, knitting is a relaxing new skill to try out. For beginner knitters, scarves make easy projects and can be worn in a variety of ways to cover up any silly mistakes. Especially in the colder weather, you can create warm scarfs and hats for yourself and your loved ones

For tips on how to get started, click here: https://nimble-needles.com/tutorials/10-knitting-tips-for-beginners-and-advanced-knitters/

Go to a Museum

The Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama, today has one of the finest collections in the Southeastern United States, with more than 24,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and decorative arts representing a numerous diverse cultures, including Asian, European, American, African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American.

For more information, click here: https://www.artsbma.org/

Stay Warm and Healthy from Big Escape Rooms!

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