What Should I Wear to an Escape Room?

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So, you’re visiting an escape room and you’re not sure what to wear. You are in the right place! Here, I’ll run through different kinds of activities you will experience during your escape room adventure as well as how you can make sure you are dressed just right to ensure optimal comfort! Let’s get right into it.

What will I experience while I visit an escape room?

There are escape rooms of many different variations all over the world, and what to expect will vary from location to location. Some escape rooms involve some moderate physical activity, while others are stand-in-a-room-and-solve-puzzles type. At Big Escape Rooms in Atlanta Georgia and Silver Spring Maryland, you can expect the latter! That’s what makes our games great for all ages and experience levels.

Very light physical activity is to be expected which is a major factor in deciding what to wear to your first escape room. Here are some of the things you will go through at your experience at an escape room like Big Escape Rooms:

  • Crouching through secret doorways 1-2 feet shorter than normal doorways
  • Walking around a large space looking for clues
  • Kneeling or sitting down to get to puzzles/lockboxes close to the ground
  • Jumping up and down in excitement when you finally break out of the game! 😉

Is there going to be a lot of physical activity?

As stated above, you will not need to use a lot of energy while completing your escape game. You can expect lower doorways than normal, lots of walking to search the room(s), and you may also need to kneel down or sit down to reach some of the locks that are closer to the ground.

One thing is for sure, you’re going to have a heck-of-a-lot of fun without tiring yourself physically. Tiring yourself mentally is however a possibility!

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So what should I wear?

So, if you find yourself visiting BER and you’re unsure what to wear, dress comfortably and casually. Something you might wear out on a regular day. Sandals or sneakers are both just fine!

Planning a fancy dinner after? You will still be comfortable in most escape rooms even if you are in your night-out clothes.

Important to note:

It’s most Likely going to be pretty cold in the room. So…

Bring a jacket! Escape rooms are oftentimes kept cold to keep you focused and sharp. You will be much more helpful in solving puzzles if you are in something that helps keep you comfortable.

Take aways:

  • You’re going to be walking around and sitting down for most of the experience
  • Casual clothes that you are comfortable in are best
  • Most of the challenge in escape rooms test your wits, not your strength
  • If you need to use any type of force on a clue, you are probably doing it wrong!
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