30 Things to do During Quarantine

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Here, we list out 30 fun things to do during quarantine! We have included great options for any age group. We would love it if you would mention some of your ideas in the comments!

DIY Escape Rooms 

With the fun, creative concepts of Escape Rooms, it’s no wonder they have become more popular in recent years. Now, with the pandemic, it has made it harder to go out and get those brain waves going. Did you know there are some websites that provide DIY home escape rooms? Some are free, and some you do have to pay for. Here are some that I have found: 

Create Your Own Code/Make Your Own Escape Room 

Now here is when we can really get creative! It’s always super fun finding Escape Rooms to do at home or even go out and do. Here’s your time to really get into the Escape Room World. Create your own and have the creator be the Game Master and try to escape. It may be rough creating but here are some examples and tips: 

Puzzle Trail

This is a great activity, especially for kids! The participants in this activity follow a trail of puzzles solving one after the next. Dave from YourCub has a great article walking you through the super simple process of creating your very own puzzle trail.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make this happen: https://yourcub.com/making-a-puzzle-trail-party/

Themed dinners 

Making the same meal and doing the same thing every night can be a bit redundant. This time around, let’s make dinner an event. Whether it be night of the stars, fantasy, and many other different ideas. Get dressed up, try a new recipe, and decorate EVERYTHING!  It’s a good way to have fun and be silly with your outfits and your food.

Here is a list of some ideas you can try:  https://stylecaster.com/101-theme-party-ideas/ 

Scavenger Hunt 

Something that us adults use to do as kids is go on a scavenger hunt. During quarantine it can be a bit rough, not being able to really go out and go around town. Somethings though you can find sitting around your home. To ease the creative load, I found a great website for you to get started!  

Film a newscast about past or present events (could be a good history lesson!) 

There is so much going on in the world today with news and current events. Watching the news channel on a 24-hour basis can be stressful, daunting and honestly, we are all over it. For this all you will need is a table, some papers, and a few coffee cups! Take a blast from the past and create your own news channel. Sports, Weather and everything that comes during a news broadcast.

Indoor Picnic 

Not everyone gets the luxury of having a big backyard, and even sometimes the weather doesn’t permit us to be able to be out there as often as we like. Decorate your living room and create an indoor picnic. Youtube has great videos to help simulate the outdoor experience!  

Indoor Obstacle Course 

Sitting around doing the same thing every day? Grab some masking tape and clear some space. Parents are creating super fun and silly obstacle courses you can do right in your home. A great way to get the kids up, moving, laughing and being goofy. Don’t know where to start? I got you! Here a few links to get those creative obstacle juices flowing.  

DIY Home Prom 

Prom is the first thing you think about when entering High School. With quarantine and school being strictly remote, it’s been hard to even fathom not going to prom. Well, mom’s and dad’s fun can fall to you. Create a Prom or school dance at home. Lighting, decorations, music, and theme. Have your little one get all dressed up and get those dance movies you left back in the “good old days,” and show the kids what is what. 

Themed Movie Night 

Watching the same movies, curled up on the couch in your comfy jammies, with your comfiest blanket was GREAT at first. I know that on a deep level. What about making it a bit more out of the box? Lord of the Rings Marathon? Perfect! Dress up like your favorite elf, hobbit, dwarf or wizard. Google the most popular recipes recreated from that movie (my personal favorite is Lembas) and create your own Hobbit Home with all of the goods.  Star Wars could be next or any movie of your liking. Make it fun, interactive and just all over a great time. 

Film a Cooking Show 

During these long stints at home we have googled new fancy recipes we can try (a good website to check out for great recipes with only the ingredients in your fridge is: https://www.supercook.com/#/recipes) why not make a show of it. Grab your phone, or video recording device, prep your meal with the right amount of ingredients and make it fancy!  

Karaoke Night 

With the dawn of technology, we literally have all that we need at our fingertips. With websites like YouTube, and phone apps like Smule. It has made singing from the privacy of your own home super fun. No big crowds to try to show off too. Don’t have a mic? Grab a wooden spoon and belt those lyrics!  

Everyday Crafts 

Let’s be honest, some of us have spent hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest trying to find the perfect craft. We find one and it looks like World War 3 took over our creativeness. Let’s give it another go. Find crafts not just on Pinterest, but all over the internet. Create a different world, aquarium, or even zoo in your home!  

Indoor Photoshoot 

Newfangled phones nowadays have a great camera on them and with free photo websites like BeFunky, pixlr, or fotor we can upload and create a smoother image with ease. Set up some bed sheets, a tall floor lamp for some good lighting and a fancy or relaxed outfit and take some updated snapshots. Roam in the back yard and use the sun to your advantage. Who doesn’t want an updated social media picture? 

Murder Mystery 

Let’s make an all-day affair! Grab everyone in the family and do a murder mystery party. We can find out if the maid did it in the library with a pipe or if dad did it in the living room with a remote because some touched the thermostat. Or if murder mystery aren’t your thing, a mystery party by itself works just as well. Don’t want to make your own, don’t worry! I found some free printables for you.  

Family Bake/Cook Off 

Grab a recipe, either a family favorite or one that you have never tried before and make it a competition. Who made the best chocolate chip cookies? Who made the best chili? Find out! For those too little to cook by themselves, create times with each adult and have a battle of the best team. Good luck.  

Family Game Night 

Get out the board games that have been collecting dust, get some snacks and treats. Maybe play a few rounds of the same game and find the family reigning champ. Maybe play a few games and discover your very own families board game master.  

Story Night 

Books are a timeless adventure we can go on over and over again. Find a book that was your favorite as a kid or teenager and relive those memories. Read the book the way you read and create new memories with those younger than you. If you don’t feel like reading, sit around and listen to an audiobook. Various celebrities (for example Daniel Radcliff is creating a Spotify playlist of him reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.)  

Create Your Own Movie! 

Ever gone to the movies thinking, “I could make that so much better,” or “I wish they made a movie about this?” Well here’s your chance! Write, and create your very own movie. It doesn’t have to be a featured length film. Do a short skit or a parody of one of your favorite movie scenes.  

Plant a Garden 

Planting a garden and getting it ready can be a bit tedious but with all of the time on your hands why not start one now! Nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits in your home cooked meals! With the weather getting nicer and nicer outside, enjoy it.  

Build a fort 

You may be thinking, “forts are really for the kids, isn’t it?” Let me tell you how wrong that is! Forts are for any age! Grab some couch cushions, some sheets and even some fairy lights. The best way to build a fort (in my opinion) is around the TV and create your own movie fort.  

Wild Camping Adventure in the Backyard or Living Room 

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun. Turn your backyard, or even your living room into a camping adventure. Grab the tent, blankets, snacks and don’t forget the fun. Have a bunch of stuffed animals lying around the house? Turn it into a camping safari. Tell ghost tales around a fire (use the fire channel on YouTube and some smart TVs! You won’t regret it!) 


The 1970’s has got nothing on the 2020 quarantine. Tie Dye is coming back with a vengeance. Grab some old clothes, sheets, curtains, any fabric. Create a psychedelic hoodie with all of your favorite colors.  

Create a family book!  

Take time to learn more about your parent’s, grandparent’s, aunt’s and uncle’s childhood. Create a family book of everyone. Take a few pages to write down each family member’s greatest achievements, favorite foods, movies and so much more. Decorate, embellish and grab all of your favorite pictures. Shutterfly is a great website to create a digital book and order it so you can have a copy. 

Make up your own family trivia game 

Get crafty, and challenge how well you know each other. Grab a poster board (these can be easily found at a local drug store or supermarket) some index cards, markers, crayons, coloring pencils and your knowledge of each other. Make your own markers (or characters so you can move around the board) and have each family member create 10-20 cards about random facts about themselves. Then start playing. Whoever knows the family best wins!  

Spa Night/ Video Game Night 

With our everyday busy lives there are very few instances that we pamper ourselves or have a little fun. Ladies, get out your favorite polish, face mask, and aromas. If you don’t have that there are many different sites that are great for DIY face masks, and foot masks. Pamper yourself and a little one and have a girl’s night. Guys, if you don’t want to join them, that’s okay. Whip out your favorite video game, tunes, and hunker down for some R&R. Have an extra player? Play a multi-game adventure!  

Constellation Night! 

This requires a little bit of research (which I’ve already done for you!). Sit by a big window or grab a blanket or sheet and layout under the stars. What constellations can you find? Can you see any planets? Maybe look up the history of the constellations. Get to know the outside world just that much more.  

Take a Virtual Vacation/Tours 

Quarantine is traveling further and further into what we planned as our vacation time. With the ever-advancing technology we have today you can still go do that. A lot of museums and countries have made it possible to take a virtual tour without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. Here are just a few to get started: 

Indoor Fitness/Yoga 

Some of us go to the gym frequently. We go to the gym 4-5 times a week and sometimes even multiple times a day. Being stuck at home doesn’t have to stop that. Amazon Prime members and YouTube addicts will be able to find quick 30-minute workout routines to do in your living room!  

Learn a new language 

Now is a great time to broaden your horizon with learning new languages! With apps like Duolingo (which is completely free) we can do just that! Don’t want to learn a modern language? That’s okay. Duolingo just came out with Klingon, a Star Trek fan’s dream. 

Learn a new hobby 

I will be the first one to tell you that Pinterest can be daunting with all of the crafts on there. When we start doing a project via Pinterest, we are all excited because we know that we will make it come out perfect. In reality, it tends to go just the opposite. We can then travel back to YouTube to watch the video tutorials or scour the internet to find just the right tutorials to aid us in learning. If you’re looking to just watch some amazing drawing skills travel over to Twitch.tv. A website that isn’t just people streaming video games! There are makers and crafts (all about crocheting, knitting, woodwork, you name it!) or travel to the Art category and watch some amazing creations being born!  

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