Silver Spring, Happy Peculiar People Day!

 In Silver Spring

We love to celebrate all holidays at Big Escape Rooms, even the more obscure holidays! Did you know that tomorrow (1/10) is Peculiar People Day? It’s true!

Peculiar People Day honors those who lead their lives in bizarre and unique ways, refusing to conform to the world’s definition of normalcy and sanity. They defy the existing quo and completely refute anything out of the norm. Peculiar People Day is their chance to shine! That’s why we want to tell you about some of the Peculiar characters we have here at Big Escape Rooms!

Pharaoh Tao

Our first Peculiar person is Pharaoh Tao, the ruler wreaking havoc at the archaeologist’s dig site. You see, a team of archaeologists has found the most important Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb to date! It’s filled with gold, jewels, and priceless treasures. Everyone in the world is anxious to see the treasures, but Pharaoh Tao doesn’t want to share his cherished belongings with anyone. When Pharaoh Tao was alive, he ruled with an iron fist. He showed no mercy in his conquests and would end anyone that stood in his way. Now Pharaoh Tao is protecting his treasures from the grave. (Spooky!) Will you be the one to defeat Pharaoh Tao and save the treasure? Come try your luck today!

Dr. Johnson

Our next Peculiar person is Dr. Johnson, the lead researcher for Ilheus virus cure. He was a respected researcher at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA. His research single handedly was responsible for the creation of the Ilheus virus antidote. Sadly, Dr. Johnson is…unavailable…to assist in the deployment of the Ilheus virus antidote and cure. Now you’re being summoned to the CDC to assist in deploying the cure to the deadly viral outbreak! It’s quickly spreading around the world and decimating the human population. Will your team be able to save the world before the clock runs out? Come test your skills and save the universe from zombies!

Boris the Clown

Our next Peculiar person is Boris, the deranged serial killer clown. Beware of his creepy smile and threatening presence! He has been known to give folks bad cases of Coulrophobia (also known as the irrational fear of clowns.) Maybe you don’t have a fear of clowns YET, but you very well may have Coulrophobia after a visit to Magento’s Circus at Big Escape Rooms!

Imagine this – you are trapped in a deranged circus with the evil clown, Boris. Boris is creeping everyone out, even your military veteran cousin who claims he isn’t scared of “anything.” Normally, Boris would simply add you to his menagerie, but he’s feeling playful today.

The terrifying clown asks if you would like to play with him. He’s willing to give you one hour to escape from his twisted lair of horrors. Boris tells you that if you can solve his riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers, you can escape and live to tell the tale. But if not, you will become the newest act in his twisted circus show.

How will your group handle the pressure of escaping from Boris’ horror house? Will you be calm and cool while you look for clues, or will you falter to the pressure and start going mad before the hour is up? Only way to find out is to book your escape experience today at Big Escape Rooms!

There you have it, three very peculiar people for you to meet and come play with at Big Escape Rooms! We hope you have a perfectly peculiar day & that you come to Big Escape Rooms to hang out with our peculiar friends soon!

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