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Ah, hilarious escape room stories. If you are looking for a good laugh, look no further. Reddit has a ton of interesting conversations about tons of topics but nothing makes us LOL more at Big Escape Rooms than the ecsape room categories. We’ve saved you the time and weeded out all of the not-so-funny posts to bring to you a list of the funniest ones we could find. This is a follow-up post to one we posted back in 2018. You guys loved that post so we thought we would make a new hilarious escape room story compilation for you!

As always, help us grow this list by telling us about your own escape room experiences in the comments! Let’s get straight into the funny stories.

Is this a part of the game? ☎️

In this one room, part of the goal was to identify the murderer. Also relevant is the story location was Tokyo. There was a Bluetooth lock on one of the doors, and so there was also a phone. It being a murder, the escapees thought to call 911. The staff was smart enough to remove the sim card but didn’t realize you can always call 911. So they connect to the real emergency services. The operator gets a call that they think is a legit emergency and the escapees assume that it connects to the game master. Everyone was very confused when they said there was a murder in Tokyo and the operator says that’s on another continent why are you calling me? – Jkdi

And a noteworthy comment on the post above, “I look forward to seeing the other side of this story in the what’s the weirdest 911 call you’ve received? thread.” – hawkeye18. Me too, hawkeye18. Me too.

Please do not share your guns 🔫

Attended a Saw series themed escape room with my SO and some randoms since the room required 4-6.

We get locked in to start, chained to fixtures like the darkroom scene from the movie – lights are off. As soon as the thing starts one of the randos says, “I have a gun in case we need to shoot someone.”

I thought he was joking. We all did. Eventually, the lights turn on and he pulls out a real gun and sits it in the sink and says, “I’m leaving the gun in the sink in case something happens to me. It’s for everyone.” – JokerSix

Game Guiding 101: The Show Must Go On 🎭

This one comes from the game master’s perspective.

One time our players were doing the bank heist theme (done in the dark and you have headlamps) and about 4 puzzles in one of my employees realized they had an item in their pockets still. So we brain blasted for a couple of minutes and decided the best course of action was to pretend the employee was a “security guard” and walk around the bank. So we went over the room intercom and warned them to hide cause it looked like the security guard was coming to them. Seeing all of the players hide in complete fear was priceless. One guy wasn’t even hiding he was just sprawled up against the wall. Our “security guard” walked around, said “hmmph everything seems good”, and placed the item down on the desk. It was legendary that they didn’t suspect anything” – PM-ME-YOUR-VAN


Follow up to this guy’s story – I was game guiding our most popular escape room, Outbreak here at BER Atlanta. It’s a Zombie themed room. We got our group to the game like normal and closed the door behind us and we went back to the control room. So far so good. We quickly realized we forgot to leave a crucial clue in place in the room that would more or less ruin the whole game.

Thinking on our feet, the other game guide ran into the room in character and told them to quickly leave the room because there were zombies coming. She went on and did the best acting I’d ever seen, going on a monologue about how long she’s been trying to get the cure for so long and how stressful it was. While they were all listening to her, totally enamored by her acting, I sneaked in right behind them, replaced the clue, and snuck right back out. The group never even realized it wasn’t a part of the game! In fact, I’d have to say it made the whole experience even more fun for them.

Gross! 🤢

A kid I knew from school, his family owns an escape room business. The most things that happen are people trying to take things when it’s clearly nailed down or nailed to the wall then he said that a little kid peed in a bottle. – Statement-Any

What made this one funny was a comment on the story that said: “Mama, it’s a bottle, I wonder if it’s a clue.”…”Pee in it to find out Jerry, pee in it.”…. Oh, Reddit. You never fail to disappoint.

Opera-ation Escape 🎶

…Anyway, there was this one lock which was a number combination and you solved it by finding some sheet music in a book, with five notes on it, which corresponded to numbers. The piece was entitled ‘The Key” or something similar so you knew you needed it for the lock.

Anyway, this other team instead of converting to numbers and putting in the combination chanted this five-note tune at the lock. When it did not work they tried again, then again, then someone else tried. This went on for 10 minutes and got louder and louder. Eventually, the game master stepped in and told them it was not going to work. Apparently they were the only team ever to do that. – Staticman1

Kidnap themed escape room? Cops called? This had to happen eventually 🚨

There was an escape room by me that had a terrorist themed room. You get “kidnapped” and locked in a room with “a bomb on the door”. To up the realism, your host was dressed to fit the role of a kidnapper and would come over the radio for hints in persona. Eventually ‘the cops’ would start coming over the radio to guide you out of the room.

Anyway, someone walking by the escape room saw people getting “kidnapped” and called the actual police. The police came by, and the escape room workers explained, but the actual police wanted to confirm with the people in the room. They knocked on the door and said “salt lake city police, open up” and the group responded, “we can’t because there’s a bomb strapped to the door.”. Luckily it ended well with everyone laughing afterward” – othybear

Finish to Start 🙃

My buddy guessed a lock’s combo which gave us the final clue, but we had not found the other ones. We ending up solving the room backward.

When the room administrator came in she had nothing else to say but “What the fudge did you guys do.” – maartin-col

Wrong door 🙊

Oh my god, my time has come.

People do dumb stuff in escape rooms constantly, but that’s the whole point, and it’s usually in good fun. The best part of my old escape room job was that it was literally right next door to a brothel. People would frequently come to our door not realizing that they were one door over from where they wanted to be and ask “hey, how much”.

Me, in my customer service voice: “Well it depends on how many people you bring, it’s $40 each if you’re a group of two, and goes down to $32 each if you’re a group of eight. Usually we recommend groups of 4 to 6 people, that seems to be the sweet spot.”

Their looks of horror will make me laugh forever. – Clovisson

Secret-Agent Grannies 👵🏽

I was at a heist-themed escape room over Christmas, which featured a bit where you have to manoveur past lasers and get a diamond. If you tripped the laser the display case would close and you needed to go back to the start of the room to reset everything.

After we finished the room we were told about a group of 4 elderly women who just walked through the lasers, and had one of the group stay at the beginning, resetting the trip.

Absolute geniuses. I can just imagine it. The cackling as they break the system. – Spyder638

Don’t Forget Your Thinking Cap 🎩

Once did an escape room with work. One in Birmingham (UK), Sherlock Holmes themed room. I walk in last, spot a flat cap on the door and, as I have an innate need to wear any hat I find, I stuck it on my head. 25 minutes later we still haven’t cracked the first clue which requires us to find a key. You’ll know where this is going, we asked for help, “The Detective likes his hat”. Lo and behold the first clue has been on my head for almost half the allotted time. – Jackpack_9

That’s… one type of solution 🤓

The clue was hidden in a computer, but the keyboard was hidden in the escape room somewhere. I knew that windows had an onscreen keyboard, so logged in with that instead of finding the physical keyboard. – I lost the name of the Reddit user that posted this one, but I am so thankful for their story! Shoutout to this Reddit user and their keen puzzle-solving skills.

The point is to escape, right?🚪

My husband and his co-workers went to an escape room as a team-building thing. They ended up removing the door and walking out, much to the employees’ surprise. After explaining that there was an actual puzzle to solve, husband and co-workers begrudgingly went back in and figured everything out. They still thought removing the door was the more practical thing, being an escape room and all. – girlz0r

Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest. 🍀

A coworker did this when we did a team outing. We were supposed to “escape” a room by solving various puzzles to ultimately (we found out later) solve a four-digit password to punch into a combo door lock. My coworker just walked over to the door, put in a 4-digit date that was her son’s birth year, and tah-dah: OPEN! We walked out in under 5 minutes and the people running the place were like, what the Fuuhh..?!?! – KanataCitizen

Why do I feel like this would be me? 😂

…But the best team I remember was the first team that ever played. We made a big, enormous, GIGANTIC mistake: we forgot the entire detailed instructions inside the room, right at the entrance on a table. They found it immediately, they started reading it, they clearly saw that every combination, every puzzle, every piece of history and every piece of furniture but they didn’t realize it was the complete walkthrough, and in some unknown way, they failed to escape. – euuuuuuu

They say a man who does not think for himself does not think at all 🕵️

…One of our rooms has a bed in it with white sheets. There was this group who was in the room working on the last puzzle, a logic puzzle. There’s a sheet of paper in the room that’s full of facts about a murder that you’re trying to solve. The group wasn’t quite getting the puzzle so I typed up “The white sheet of paper in room three will be a lot of help.” So the group runs into the room and starts tearing all the white sheets off the bed and I type “Not the bed sheets.” So they start pulling the pillows out of their sheets. I then reply “The sheet you write on.” and lo and behold they grab the room’s marker and start drawing all over the bedsheets. They didn’t escape. – puntini

That Wasn’t Very Bright 💡

I was in one with some people once, one of the guys ripped the lights out. he claimed that “maybe the clue was hidden in the light bulb” – IisleepIi

Work Smarter, Not Harder 🔌

I went to an escape room and maybe didn’t entirely understand how they work.

They had some puzzles that relied on electricity. Like a puzzle where you had to thread a small bead down a long, convoluted wire without the bead touching the wire. When the bead reached the other end, a box would unlatch with the key inside. It was hard so I just unplugged the game from the socket, and the box unlatched. I did it with multiple puzzles while the other players worked on clues.

We solved the game and beat the record. While we were posing for the group photo an employee came out of the room, holding one of the unplugged extension cords and looking mad. – manlikerealities

I hope you enjoyed these stories and LOLed as much as I did while writing it. Please ask me questions and leave some feedback in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to tell us all about your funny escape room stories. We will see you next week!

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