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The deadly Ilheus virus has killed more than a billion people and left the world in utter chaos. You team has been tasked with creating and releasing the antidote. Normally teams have months to develop antidotes, but the infected are right behind you. Escape the room before they breach the walls. Your team will have to find clues, solve puzzles to create the antidote and ultimately save humanity.

You have 1 hour to save the world. Remember, things may not always be as they seem.

Outbreak Preview Video

The Outbreak escape room is our most challenging escape room with a success rate of only 9%, and is recommended for players who have attempted an escape room before.  Your team will begin it’s adventure in the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.  You will be escorted to Dr. Andrew Johnson’s office to assist him in formulating the cure and deploying it before it’s too late for humanity.  Be careful in this room, as everything isn’t as it seems.  Before you know it, you may face obstacles you never imagined.  Your team will be given 6 clues to escape this room, so use them wisely.  Outbreak is a customer favorite and almost everybody who takes on this challenge enjoys it.  Watch some of the testimonials below.


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