Indoor Activities for Families in Washington DC!

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Happy 2022! It’s a brand new year, a perfect time to make some memories and have some new adventures! However, the cold winter weather can certainly put a damper on having fun. That’s why we’ve curated this list of local indoor activities for your family and friends to enjoy!


ZAVAZONE is a multi-attraction indoor experience created by two groups of parents who were fed up with their children arguing about what they should do with their free time. Everyone in both families wanted to do something enjoyable, active, and healthful – and they wanted to get everyone together. At these dynamic indoor parks, guests ages 5 to 105 can kick boredom to the curb and create their own experience. You’re in for a thrill!

This indoor adventure park is unlike any other you have seen before! Ropes courses, ninja courses, trampolines, climbing challenges, and zip lines challenge children ages five and up to put their talents to the test. During the children’s active journey, trained coaches are on hand to assist them. If your children need a snack, Zava Zone has a variety of nutritious options such as fruits, water, and organic snacks. You can rest in the parent lounge while keeping an eye on your kids through the wide window if you don’t want to join in the fun with them. They also provide the necessities for parents, such as free Wi-Fi and coffee! With 30,000 square feet, 15 attractions, and one great price, your group will be jumping for joy at ZAVAZONE!

When: times vary (closed Tuesdays)
Where: 40B Southlawn Ct, Rockville, MD 20850
Cost: varies
Link: https://www.zavazone.com/

Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum

The Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum is one of the best hidden jewels for entertaining kids in the D.C. area. Through interactive exhibits, the Museum honors 250 years of Loudoun’s agricultural heritage. It includes wonderful interactive exhibits for children under the age of eight, and it is rarely crowded. There’s a farm where they may pretend to be a farmer for the day, a general store where they can pretend to be a shopper or shopkeeper, and a copy of a century old farm kitchen where they can pretend to cook and serve meals with toy food. ​Travel back in time to meet the ten generations of Loudoun Area citizens who helped to shape the county and left their mark at the “It’s Just A Way of Life” exhibit.

Find out what life was like for Loudoun’s first inhabitants in the “American Indians: America’s First Inhabitants” exhibit. Take advantage of the many programs offered at the Loudon Farm, including Daily Programs, School Programs, Outreach Programs, Scout Programs, and Adult Programs. Pre-registering for programs is encouraged, and all participants must register no less than 24 hours in advance. The Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum mission statement is “dedicated to preserving, promoting, and bringing to life the rich agricultural history of Loudoun County.” Learners of all ages can find something new to discover at the Heritage Farm Museum!

When: varies
Where: 21668 Heritage Farm Lane Sterling, VA
Cost: varies
Link: https://heritagefarmmuseum.org/

The Mansion on O Street

Take the family on a treasure hunt to the Mansion on O Street in D.C. if you’re searching for a truly unique experience. You’ll spend at least a couple of hours scouring the mansion’s 100 rooms for hidden entrances (there are 70!). The rooms are brimming with interesting items to look at, ranging from treasures and antiques to decorations and toys. Plus, anything you see in the mansion is for sale, so if you see anything you can’t live without, it can be yours! The Mission Statement for the Mansion on O Street is to “inspire creativity, diversity and imagination through the fusion of the arts, music, science and sports, [to] empower people to dare to be different — and achieve things beyond what they know.” They also host an O’kids play date with a treasure hunt, home baked cookies, and milk.

When: varies
Where: 2020 O St NW Washington, DC
Cost: varies
Link: https://www.omansion.com/

Big Escape Rooms

Start the new year off by testing your problem solving skills at Big Escape Rooms! What exactly is an escape room? It’s a themed, interactive environment where your group will encounter brain teasers, ciphers, logic puzzles, and more while attempting to escape in the allotted time. You’ll first be greeted by your game host, who will drop helpful hints as you go through your escape room experience. They are allowed to give you a limited number of hints to help you escape before your time runs out. Be sure to use hints carefully! You will want to examine everything in the room & make sure you didn’t miss something in the room – so you do not end up wasting a hint!

Want to save humanity from a zombie apocalypse? Or help the archaeologists find the location of the legendary hidden treasure and artifacts? You can do that at Big Escape rooms! Your group will be stronger than ever after an experience at Big Escape Rooms!

When: Open every day (except Christmas day)
Where: 1210 20th Street South, Ste 250 Birmingham, AL 35205
Cost: $28-$33
Link: https://www.bigescaperooms.com/

So there you have it, some awesome ways to spend time indoors with your family! We hope this list helps you beat boredom and create happy, lasting memories with the ones you love.

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