12 Facts About Escape Rooms You Wouldn’t Expect

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You’re about to learn a-whole-lotta weird stuff about escape rooms.

The Escape Room industry is booming. Unsurprisingly, the market is stronger than ever before, even over a decade after the first escape room opened its doors.

Escape Rooms are immersive, interactive escape scenarios in which you and your group of friends follow clues, open locks, and brave your way through secret passageways to ultimately escape from the room that you are trapped in. Throughout your experience, you’ll gain a ton of hilarious memories. The themes of escape rooms started out generic and have since evolved into full-blown story-lines and action adventures. There are countless interesting facts about escape rooms, below are 12 of the best.

If you haven’t already done an escape room before, what are you waiting for?

Get off your couch, skip the movie and popcorn and become the action hero in your own escape room experience! Save the world from zombies or rob a bank with your friends- sure beats watching the latest action film if you ask me!

A lot has changed about escape rooms since the first one opened. (When you ask? Check out the infographic below to find out!) The prices, the number of rooms, the complexity of themes are all big changes that have happened to the industry since the first escape. The themes/storylines are far more complex, the locations are bigger and better, and the decorations are more extravagant than ever. Today is the BEST time to visit an escape room.

As of April 2018, here are some of the most interesting statistics and facts about the booming industry. I compiled these numbers and facts from various sources on the internet. I did a lot of reading articles and counting to get these numbers as accurate as possible to for you to enjoy. After many hours of research, looking for “the best” and “the most” in countless categories, here are the most interesting of the bunch.


escape room data infographic

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