6 Bizarre Escape Rooms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

 In Atlanta, Silver Spring

Paradox Project: 3 Hour Escape Game

Paradox Project is a 3-hour, highly immersive game that takes place in an entire 2 story home. Ever since I heard of it a couple of years ago, I have been DYING to get to Athens, Greece and try this one for myself.

Manolis from TripAdvisor described the game perfectly in his review of the experience. Read how he beautifully described every important detail about what makes this game so special:

“Talk about an immersive experience. This escape room is actually a full-blown escape HOUSE that strives to keep the game story illusion throughout. You are not greeted by any game master or secretary when you enter, instead, as soon as you go through the main door, you have already started the game, and are greeted by several well-directed videos that pull you inside the story.

The hints are given through your mysterious disappeared uncle through SMS messages on a special mobile device and depending on how you choose to solve the game, you get three different endings with different movie reveals! The action is spread across the whole space of the house (4 main rooms and over 3-4 secret ones to discover) with riddles that avoid the cliche of combination locks and urge you to really think outside the box and use all your senses. We were amazed at the stuff that we were required to do to solve these mysteries, it’s breaking all established conventions of what an escape room should be!”

–Manolis V, TripAdvisor Review

My curiosity is at its peak having read this review. Does anyone want to join me on a trip to Greece?

Legend of Zelda Escape Room

SCRAP and Nintendo teamed up to create a real-life escape game called “Defenders of the Triforce”. Fans of the legendary series were excited to see the game touring through the U.S. in 8 cities back in 2017.

This wasn’t your normal escape room… Allow me to summarize what the experience is like. Teams of 6 put on little green Phrygian hats, worked on puzzles, and interacted with items you see in The Legend of Zelda series. Ultimately, teams will work to seal the master sword to defeat Ganondorf after the games’ heroes have already been defeated.

Reviews mention that it was fun, but the game requires a lot of paperwork and tedious work. What do you think? Would you play this game if it toured again?

Kidnap: Big Escape rooms secret pop-up game

Rumor has it there is an escape room that isn’t always open to the public in Atlanta, Georgia. Go ahead an try, you won’t find information on this game anywhere on the web except for right here! Get this: the game is Kidnap! Sounds kinda creepy, right? You can call Big Escape Rooms and make a special request to play this game, but it may take some working around because they usually reserve this room for larger parties over 42 people!

Kingdom of cats

This tremendously silly theme is actually a real escape game! For starters, you can find this game at Omnescape in San Jose, California. If you love cats, this is the game for you. Kingdom of Cats intertwines adorable kitties with medieval times.

Here is Omescapes game description for Kingdom of Cats: “Austin Schrodinger rules the Kingdom of Cats. Every year, he holds a championship tournament to crown the wisest cat in the kingdom. Unexpectedly, you, as a human, accidentally join the championship and the battlefield. According to the law of the land, your entrance to the battlefield requires you to complete the tournament or be imprisoned forever. Now, you must solve the puzzles or be a prisoner forever.”

I guess Schrodinger is the King Cat of the Kingdom of Cats! I am not personally a cat lover. Even so, this theme still makes me giggle and I will definitely be visiting when I am in California again.

Steal The Car

Escape games are all about putting you into a heart-pounding situation to see how you do.

Now you can see if your team has what it takes to steal a car… without all of the legal and bodily risks! No danger involved, folks! In Steal the Car, Your team works together to search through an ACTUAL car. Eventually, you guys will drive off in it. This Canadian escape room a really cool idea, and I for one am dying to try this one out.

Reviews mention that the game itself is a bit pricey, but really well thought out. Consequently, this game is my top choice on this list of awe-inspiring escape rooms.

Satan Santa one Patti told me about

Hoppers Cabin From Stranger Things

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Well, if you are then you should head over to Powder Springs Georgia! The escape room experience runs at just $33 per person. You can have up to 10 people, but I have read reviews that mention it is uncomfortably tight for teams of more than 6 people.

You can find outdoor escape rooms at Escape Woods. It’s no secret that their new Stranger Things room (opened just last February) is one of the coolest things to do in Georgia! In this horror-themed escape room, players need to “explore Hopper & Eleven’s cabin, decipher clues, unlock doors, and solve the mystery before time runs out.”, As Escape woods posted on Twitter. With this in mind, if you haven’t caught up on all the latest episodes of Stranger Things now would be a great time to do so!

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