Silver Spring, Tips and Tricks on How to Win an Escape Room!

 In Silver Spring

Escape rooms can be pretty challenging since they are…you know ESCAPE ROOMS! The fun part of the experience is having to knock your brain a bit. However, if you are looking to better your next escaping experience, I will let you in on a few cool tricks!

Have a Positive Attitude!

Come in the escape room with a fresh and positive attitude! The experience is stressful already, so I do not recommend coming in with a negative attitude. Instead, think of doing your best so you can escape! Plus no one wanna be stuck in a room with a grumpy pants.

Think Outside The Box!

Do you really think an escape room is going to be simple? NO! That would be very lackluster and bland of an experience. Sometimes you have to think like a mad scientist or even a thousand-year-old pharaoh. Clues and answers tend to hide in plain sight, try your best to think of all the possibilities when solving a puzzle.

Pick the Right Team to Play With!

Going with others that are excited to escape as you are will definitely the experience more successful. Having the right amount of team players, and a leader can make your game go as smooth as butter! Putting multiple strengths together can make your team, Masters of escape rooms!

Don’t Be Afraid to ask Questions!

There are no stupid questions in the escape rooms! Who knows? Your question could lead to a clue or an answer to the puzzle. Anything is possible in the experience, so don’t be afraid to ask. Ask away!


Whether it’s communicating with your team or the game master. It is key to successfully finishing a room. Letting others know what you found or solve helps waste less time on irrelevant things. Two brains are always better than one!

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