It’s Spring Break, Silver Spring!

 In Silver Spring

Escape Rooms

Want to try something a little different and unique this spring break? How about taking the group out to an Escape Room! What exactly is an escape room? It’s a thrilling, interactive scenario where you have to finish your mission before the time runs out. Want to save humanity from a zombie apocalypse? Or help the archaeologists find the location of the legendary hidden treasure and artifacts? You can do that at Big Escape rooms! To complete your mission, you’ll solve a series of puzzles, complete mazes, answer brain teasers, and decipher coded messages before the clock runs out of time. Your group will have the best spring break staycation after an experience at Big Escape Rooms!

Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are all the rage now. You can find the one closest to you just by searching online for “trampoline parks near me.” You will usually find many activities from trampoline basketball, dodgeball, wall trampolines, and more!

A Spring Break Staycation is always a fun way to go! Check out your local zoos, local art museums, local historical monuments, and more! Play outdoor games with your friends, or play some video games indoors if that’s more your thing! Whatever you do this spring break, enjoy yourselves and have a great holiday!

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