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Magento’s circus has toured all over the world with great fanfare. Their most popular act was Boris — a clown. He sold out tickets everywhere and people traveled from all over to see him. Happy on the outside and sad on the inside, Boris finally went insane and killed off the other acts. Boris lures guests into the circus, traps them and toys with them. When he’s in a playful mood he gives guests a chance to escape if they can solve his game. Your team is one of the lucky unlucky ones, use your time well!

Look around, explore the room, don’t waste time and get out before Boris gets tired of playing around.

You have 1 hour to escape or become Boris’ latest victims.

Clown Preview Video

Clown is an intermediately difficult escape room and is recommended for teams that are less experienced at escape rooms.  With an escape rate of 35%, this room still poses a fun challenge for players.  Participant’s tend to find this room a little scarier than our others although there are no live clowns in the room with you.  Put your wits to the test and see if you can outsmart Boris the clown today!


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