19 Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing

 In Atlanta

We get it. you have been inside for weeks and you’re running out of ideas on how to keep yourself entertained any longer! Well, look no further. We have compiled 19 fun activities you can do while social distancing and even included a 25% coupon code. This list includes tons of free and fun things you can do at home as well as some places you can visit safely.

Start a conversation with us in the comments! We would love to hear what you’re doing for fun while at home. Let’s get right into it!

D.I.Y. Escape Room at Home

Check out this fully designed escape room you can make at home! It is 100% printable and all you need is a word lock OR a computer, tablet, or phone that lets you set a passcode. The only other thing you need is creativity! And a laminator doesn’t hurt… but that’s totally optional.

This escape room provides you with 6 puzzles to solve and anyone can make it. It’s best done in rounds of groups of 1-3 while keeping track of your times to see who will escape the quickest! A prize on the line will really ramp of the excitement – but that too is 100% optional.

Put your own twist on the game and add in extra puzzles. Whenever I set this game up for people, I like to set it up on a desk and use a cool coat to hide some of the printable business cards. I also add in a magnifying glass I have laying around and hang the plaque up in a picture frame.

Give this game life by adding your own spins to it! Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments or tag us on Facebook @Bigescaperoomsatl.

Visit Big Escape Rooms

Escape rooms in Atlanta have started opening back up, and here’s why – escape rooms are a fun thing to do while maintaining social distancing. At Big Escape Rooms, we are working hard to ensure a safe and fun time by:

  • Providing 2 private waiting rooms while allowing no more than 2 groups in at a time
  • Heavily sanitizing all areas of our facility including game equipment, escape games, and waiting areas in between games and at the start and end of each day
  • Eliminating the need for direct contact with the game guide by providing walkie talkies for communication and by having your equipment laid out and sanitized prior to your arrival
  • Running games with no more than 1 group per game (All games are private – you can’t be paired in the same game with anyone outside your group)

You can see a full list of our new procedures by clicking here.

We are open and have games every half hour from 9 am to 11:15 pm. Book online or give us a call to set up your appointment. We look forward to getting back to providing fun times!

Click here to save 25% at Big Escape Rooms Atlanta through May 1st.

Boardgame Competition

This was one of my favorite things to do pre-quarantine, and I am keeping the tradition alive on my list of things to do while social distancing in the post-realm. If you’re like me, you have hoarded tons of board games that can keep you and your family entertained for hours. But if not, that’s cool, too! Head on over to Amazon or Walmart and pick out your favorite board game. If that’s not in the budget but you’re rich in creativity, you could try our free printable escape game.

I would definitely recommend a few classics like cards against humanity (apples to apples if you have kids), monopoly, and Sorry. You could also try out a role-playing game like munchkins, which always smacks if you have extra time on your hands to read a giant rules book.

Make this classic go-to a heck of a lot more exciting by betting a few bucks! Poker tournament, anyone?

Make a Vlog

Have you always wanted to make a youtube channel or become a TikTok sensation? This is the perfect social thing to do while maintaining social distancing!

A lot of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than ever before, so why not make good use of it?

Challenge yourself. Try your best to make 1 vlog of yourself each day. It can be on anything – a how-to video, a video journal of your time at home, a TikTok, Facebook live, or literally anything you want to get into. Hold yourself to the once a day goal and you will see your hard work transform into a habit!

Pet Maze or Obstacle Course

Pet mazes, kitty castles, guinea pig tunnels – the possibilities are endless. What inspired this idea was a spe’cat’ular youtube channel. As can be seen on the channel CatPusic, this guy makes various obstacles for his cat to get past. Check out one of these legendary videos here.

Some of the barriers he makes for his cat include toilet paper towers, aluminum foil carpets, tape walls, and even full-on cardboard mazes the size of an average living room.

Obviously this is a great activity you can do without worrying about social distancing. Your pets will love spending time with you, too!

Definitely check his channel out and when you’re bored with that make your own pet barricades, mazes, and castles! Bonus points if you post a video and tag us on Facebook @bigescaperoomsatl. #EmailMeIfYouHaveEnoughTPToBuildATower #JustKidding #NotReallyKidding

Bad Movie Marathon

If you’re like me, then you would agree that watching movies is a great social distancing activity. You would also agree that watching bad movies can be just as much fun as watching good movies so long as you’re with the right group of people.

I challenge you to find 2 terrible movies and sit down for a marathon! If you haven’t done this before, just know that a movie critic lives inside of you and they are about to be set free.

It is really fun to take this alternate perspective on movies and see just how bad of a film you can find. In short, oddly rewarding, 10/10 would recommend.

Go for a Walk

Ah yes, the classic social distancing activity.

It can be easy to forget how relaxing some fresh air can really be when you’re stuck at home for hours upon hours. If you’re feeling bored, restless, or down, try taking a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s no secret that the weather is fantastic this time of year and is sure to fill you with warmth and happiness.


Why do people on the space station use exercise machines to stay fit? That’s because they aren’t able to get the proper amount of fitness in zero gravity. Think of yourself as an astronaut, and your home as your space station. You need to spend at least 30 minutes a day doing moderate physical activity to stay strong enough to complete your mission! Does that make exercise fun enough to be included in this list? No..? Regardless, it is still an activity that you can use to keep yourself busy while in quarantine.

Look, the bottom line is it’s really important to stay fit. Not only is exercise physically good for you, but it also trains your mind in longevity as well as making you feel better in general. Not to mention you can exercise countless ways, which makes this a great activity to do while maintaining social distancing.

Challenge yourself to come out of quarantine a stronger, healthier person! Habits start with you.

Pick up a New Hobby

Our next social distancing activity on the list is to pick up a new hobby. What is something you have had on the back burner because you just never had the time? What hobby will be a rewarding thing for you to get into?

Now is the perfect chance for you to start up a new hobby. Just to get the juices flowing, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Furniture Restoration
  • Puzzle Designing
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Blogging
  • Gardening

I am sure you have something in mind. Now is the right time to start on your next project!


This is a great time to refine your culinary expertise! When you’re not out valiantly supporting essential workers and practicing social distancing at the fast-food joints, spend some time perfecting new recipes in the kitchen. Anything you make will certainly be a great treat for your whole family! Here is a great recipe I found for some decadent chocolate mousse that is to die for! It’s so good I made it twice last week, had to. Let us know if you try it out!

Facetime & Paint

Friends are such a big part of our lives, and it can tough not to be able to see them as often as you’d like during quarantine. For an introvert like me, talking on the phone is fun but only in small doses. So, I like to switch things up and call my friends for some fun social distancing activities.

Painting on Facetime gives you a unique opportunity to bond with friends and family! You can both talk about your day, maybe enjoy a drink together while you show each other your progress on whatever you choose to paint. Kids especially love this activity.

Organize (Spring Cleaning!)

Maybe this isn’t a necessarily “fun” activity for everyone, but the end results are especially rewarding no matter who you are. There is something around the house you have been putting off… cleaning that linen closet out or organizing the Pantry. It could be sorting through your clothes and donating what doesn’t fit anymore. Let’s just cut to the chase, do that thing you have been putting off! Besides, has there been a better time?

Learn an Instrument

Time. So many of us have so much time right now. And that’s all you need to learn an instrument. Well.. you need an instrument too but you know what I mean.

This is one of the best social distancing activities on this list. Best of all, anyone can learn to play. Did you know that even with little to no experience you can learn the basics of a new instrument in less than a month with regular practice? Not a crazy amount of practice, either. We are talking 15 minutes to an hour a day. It’s going to seem impossible to play those chords at first, but if you stick to it I guarantee you will get it down. Looking at tabs is a great way to learn to play without knowing how to read music.

I have played 2 instruments nearly all my life, viola and ukulele, but I decided to use my time in quarantine to pick up the guitar. Just after a few days of practice, I have learned 2 songs. I had experience with instruments but if you don’t that’s fine too! It just takes time.

To my experienced and my novice musicians, I encourage you to give it a go if you have an instrument lying around the house, you’ll be entertained for hours once you do! & no, mayonnaise is not an instrument.


It’s the end of a long day. The kids are finally asleep and you get to unwind and release the stresses of the day. You turn out the lights all except for the small lamp by your bed and light a few fresh-linen scented candles. In the background, you hear your favorite music playing. You put fresh and cozy sheets onto your bed and snuggle up with your favorite book and a hot cup of tea. You read until you can no longer keep your eyes open. How relaxing does that sound? Social distancing has never been better.


Spring is in the air. Consider planting some flowers or vegetables outside your home. You could also make a nice indoor herb garden.

Click here to check out some cool indoor hanging garden ideas! They have some really creative ways to turn everyday things like mason jars, pallets, and coconut shells into indoor garden displays. It would be a great project to get started on now if you have extra free time!

In-home Fashion Show

Classic fun for all ages. I have a dog myself, and I have definitely dressed her up as a Yoda a couple of times for a good laugh recently. I would definitely recommend dressing up your furry friends in whatever you have around the house. Even a good pair of sunglasses offers a good laugh! You can dress up too. Costume duo with your pet? Yes, please!

Keep a Journal

According to this article, there are a few steps to starting a journal. The first step is to know your purpose. Ask yourself why you want to write in the first place. Once you have that down you can start to put your plan in motion.

According to Mia, there are tons of benefits from starting to keep a journal. To name a few from her list,

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased self-awareness 
  • More gratitude and appreciation for the little things
  • Clarity and focus
  • Better mental health
  • More likely to set, chase and achieve goals
  • Strengthened willpower
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves your mood
  • Decreases the likes of stress and overwhelm
  • Journaling can also lead to new ideas forming, creativity sparking, and inspiration in general

I am the type of person who journals, and I have filled countless notebooks over the years. A great writing technique I have found is to just let your pen flow. Don’t even think about what you’re writing, just write down whatever comes to mind. Give it a go, you might just find yourself reaping the benefits, too!

Camp in the Backyard

Social distancing activities that let you get out of the house? Sign me up! If you have a private backyard, this idea is a ton of fun. You can set up a campfire with the family and tell scary stories while roasting marshmallows. And if you are brave enough, you can camp out in a tent or hammock under the stars! This is a lot of fun for anyone, but kids especially love this in-home adventure.

To close this one out, I just want to say, from everyone at BER, stay safe out there, and don’t forget to have a good time every now and then!

Please comment down below about anything fun you have been doing while quarantined! We would love to expand our list with your help. Over and out! 🙂

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